Is Binary Trading the New Forex?

Forex all but dominated the internet marketplace in the first decade of the 21st century.

Forex is short for foreign exchange market. The the development in the internet and improvements in software development, people around the world were enabled to start freely trading foreign exchanges between each other, with minimal fees, 24/7.
Since a lot of money could be made by trading different foreign currencies, the popularity of FOREX trading boosted to levels never before seen.

However, not a new trend is forming which is threatening to dethrone the almighty FOREX from its popularity throne: Binary Trading.

Binary options trading is doing to the stock options market what forex did to traditional currency exchanges. People all over the world can now easily and quickly purchase and sell binary options to popular stocks, commodities, and even FOREX securities.

Binary option agreements possess long been offered over-the-counter (OTC), my spouse and i. age. offered immediately from the company for the customer. We were holding commonly considered “exotic” instruments as well as there was absolutely no liquefied current market with regard to trading these types of instruments concerning the issuance as well as expiry. We were holding frequently seen inlayed within more difficult option agreements.

Since mid-2008 binary options sites called binary option trading websites are offering a new simple edition of exchange-traded binary possibilities. It is estimated that about 90 this kind of websites (including white content label products) have been around in operations by Present cards 2012, offering possibilities with many 125 main assets.

This websites present standardized short-term binary trading which has a pre-determined profit/loss, that will cannot be liquidated (buy as well as market in order to close) before expiry.